meditation head

Star Pyramid 50mm

Available in crystal clear, aqua and Indigo
STPY 50 aq
STPY 50 in

Available in crystal clear, aqua and Indigo

A 50mm Pyramid with an inner 12 star pyramid.This dynamic tool is used in meditation with intent to astral travel. The indigo pyramid induces a deep meditational state where if the intention is set can be used to travel to ancient times in Egypt or to the ancient Mayan Civilization.

This pyrimid also produces an inner vortex of energy that escapes through the apex of the pyramid. The circle of energy formed around the base is significanly larger than that of the Sun Pyramid.

The Aquamarine colour is specifically used for contacting Intergalactic Beings of Light and the clear pyramid is used as an intelligent transmitter of information either to the user or from the user to a pre-designated point.

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