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These pendants are NOT an item of jewelry. They are extremely energetic tools to assist you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Please speak to us or a Consultant of your choice that we may determine the best one suitable for your personal use.

ABEIEZ TACHYON TM products, made of glass, are for energy purposes and are not Jewelry.

The products are manufactured with great skill and high quality standards by one of the oldest glass companies in Germany. Small defects like little scratches, chips, etc can not be avoided during the manufacturing process and do not influence the energy effects.



Available in 15 Different Colours

Spiral Sun

Available in 15 Colours

The Tree of Life

Available in 15 Colours with hook


Bermuda Blue - Orb of Pineal Stimulation


Orb of Healing - Bermuda Blue

Orb Merkaba

The Orb of Harmony and Balance - Bermuda Blue

Cosmic Soul Clear


Cosmic Body

Orb of Wholeness available in Crystal Clear.and Bermuda Blue

Cosmic Body

Orb of Wholeness - Crystal Clear

Cosmic Voice Clear

Orb of Sound - Crystal Clear

Cosmic Voice Bermuda Blue

Orb of Sound - Bermuda Blue

Cosmic Lens

Orb of Sight - Crystal Clear

Cosmic Lens Bermuda Blue

Orb of Sight - Bermuda Blue

Corona Orb

Available in Citrine, Light Green, Pink, Aqua, Midnight ...

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